5 Mistakes That Tank a Woman’s Confidence

However, if you experience these things you might be making these mistakes:

#1: Not being self-aware

Self-Awareness is all about knowing who you are, what you want, and where you are going in life. If you are struggling with feeling stuck, or not knowing what you want, or even where you are heading in life then chances are you are struggling in the self-awareness category. Without any direction you’ll continue to feel stuck. The direction comes from knowing your purpose, values, skills, become aware of limiting beliefs and how to utilize them.

#2: Not accepting your authentic self

You might feel you’re fat, ugly, weird, etc. You might struggle with being a leader or humility. That’s ok. That’s not your mission. You can decide to beat yourself up over it, build those skills, or focus on what makes you, you and OWN IT! When you beat yourself up or focus on only “improving yourself” you will detract from your confidence.

#3: Not loving yourself

This is not a cliché and even with the whole self-care movement that’s happening right now, it’s unnerving how many women aren’t loving on themselves. And this isn’t just about bubble baths and manicures though those thing can play a part.

#4: Treating yourself like a red-headed step child

You neglect yourself and don’t care for you. You don’t pay your needs any mind and you constantly second guess your own desires and place everyone before you. You are basically treating yourself like a martyr. You might struggle with constantly being there and rescuing others but feel as if no one is there for you when you need it.

#5: You don’t trust yourself

Lack of self-trust is one of those underlying things that you don’t seem to notice but your subconscious is quite aware of it. It’s the need to constantly seek external affirmation and confirmation. You don’t trust that you’re able to meet your needs or take care of yourself and may rely on others to do that for you. You’re holding on to limiting beliefs about yourself that just aren’t true.

Don’t get discouraged if you are experiencing these challenges or mistakes.

The best thing about all of this is that as humans we tend to want to grow when we know there is growing to be had. We don’t like being stagnant and stuck and if we can find a way to do something even if that’s simply shifting our perspective on something we are open to it!



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